The SC – Supply Chain TV

I joined Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, Audrey Ross and Leah Goold-Haws to debate the hot topics in supply chain including but not limited to telnet acquisition, the “New NAFTA”, tariffs at large and how these impact the consumers. Check out the episode at the link below and leave your comments on the YouTube Channel.

3 Big Data Insights for the Savy Organization

Recently the World Economic Forum weighed in on the big data conversation. You can read the article here and see below 3 insights that I consider very important and relevant:

1. Big data management is tricky, and companies must understand what dupes of data they require and the supporting structures they need to reach their data goals.

2. Insights and analysis should serve as plan of action for reaching total quality management. 

3. Full buy in from C suite is vital for the success of big data endeavor because it is a huge change for staff and often requires costly infrastructure.

In conclusion: tomorrow’s leaders will have a robust big data strategy that helps them connect with their customers to deliver high quality goods and services. This strategy will be supported by an analysis powerhouse back end able to manage both structured and unstructured data sources that meet the company’s growth goals.